Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Journey of my day x

Ever wonder what I get up to every day?

I didn't think so.

Well incase you were wondering…. This blog post will show you just that. I took snapshots of my day, on the hour, just for you. I was going to post a fabulous CND shellac nail tutorial but I am too lazy to get up and do my nails. My toes have whats left of my black glitter nail polish from 2 months ago.

Maybe I should get started on that one sooner rather than later!!

Friday 29th August. 

6am - Zeppelin and I are awake! He came in for a quick morning cuddle so I snapped a pic! 

7am - I have a big day today so I'm up doing my hair and makeup (as usual) and having a talk to a cranky Jasmine who wanted to take one of my necklaces to school. Sorry love! #mumlife

Stop looking at my messy bathroom……

8am - I felt the need to clean the bathroom after the last pic…. ok, i was forced too. There is a photo shoot happening here at 1:30pm.

9am - Kids have gone to school so I am leaving for uni. Bad driver I know but I assure you, there are no kids in the car and I was going vvveerryyy slowly down my street!!

10am - Arrived at uni, managed to get a park on time and have sat down for my Business Analytics tutorial with my hot chocolate. Best hot chocolate. University is making me very fat. 
Its exam time and I am freaking out. I am extremely bad with numbers. The guy next to me is making me laugh and the tutor refers to me as a 'princess' (not in a good way). 

11am - EXAM COMPLETE!!!! I didn't answer all the questions with the greatest of detail. Analytics is not my strongest point (in fact I cannot even do basic maths…) I had to study extra hard for this horrible piece of assessment. 

(I have since received my grade for this exam and got 73 out of 100%. Fuck. Yes.)

12pm - Stoked the exam is over, I am in my car about to head back home to prepare for a photo shoot for Potion Products. They make organic, vegan and cruelty free products! 

1pm - My gorgeous friend has asked me to have a quick lunch and drink with her at the local cafe! Of course I said yes! I am kid free and the other model and photographer are not due for an hour or so! 
(So much for 'not eating' on the day of a shoot!)  We have decided on some chips and a couple of apple ciders. 

2pm - Photo shoot is underway for Potion Products! Here we have our beautiful beach babe smothering herself in the coffee scrub! My whole bathroom has turned brown! Lucky for you, my input into these photographs didn't fall within my hourly pictures!! 

3pm - I have showered and snuck away to pick the kids up from school. Here they are having an afternoon snack (from what they didn't eat in their lunch boxes!!) (its free dress for book week day… they don't always wear this).

4pm - Photo shoot done, bathroom cleaned, perfume sprayed to mask the coffee smell. We are off to our friends house down the road for a few Friday drinks before the school disco! 

Kids have scooted off on me :)

5pm - Having a drink with my friend. Kids are MIA. No doubt, trashing the house or chasing the chickens/dogs/kids from across the road.

6pm - I have busted the kids in a darkened room, dancing to music! CUTE! I used to do this when I was a kid except the music did not come from an iPad and it was usually madonna. 

7pm - School disco is in full swing! Parents are sitting awkwardly on the sidelines and I am manning the toilets… (Joys of being the daughter in law of a lady who has worked there for 20 years). 
This is Jasmine with her 'current' best friend. #preplife

8pm - Back at our friends home for one last play (ok, drink) before going home. Frozen pizza is on the menu! YUM!

9pm - Got home to discover that our dogs had been out for god knows how long!!! Naughty doggies! I have locked them in the laundry as Andy is out fishing and unable to fix the fence that they ruined! Im not going out there. I can't find a torch and I have a date with more drinks and Facebook. 

So there you have it. A day in the life of Rikkiliane xxxx

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