Friday, August 22, 2014

Things I Love In My Home x

Today is pouring! 

Its the weekend and I'm home with the kids colouring in and making plans to bake a cake. We may even sneak in another Disney movie. Last nights efforts was Maleficent. It was awesome!
I thought i would blog about all the things i am loving in my house at the moment! I have taken lots of pictures of the things that make me the happiest (besides the content of my fridge).

I had the comfort of sleeping in this morning. I think i dragged myself out of bed around 9am. I did my hair and makeup like i usually do and picked a comfortable outfit. 
Behold - Today's makeup. Full face of foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, light eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and mascara. Phew!

I also lightly curled my hair and attempted to take a picture and Jasmine photobombed them all. She is so cute <3

My entire outfit today is from Jay Jays. I am obsessed with long cardigans/jumpers, legging and boots. I love the tartan leggings, I'm having a Clueless obsession lately!

So…. I went around and took pictures of what makes me happiest around my home. 
First of all, my study. I have never had a study before, i resorted to locking myself in the bedroom and attempting to write essays on my bed. Not comfortable! 

This is my cork board with Disney Princess on it because i like them and they make me happy. It also has motivational quotes, my schedule and things to remember. It totally needs to be updated for this semester but i haven't got around to that yet.

The candles on the table are another obsession of mine. I have them everywhere! 

I love the feeling of the candles burning when i am studying and the range of scents i have are amazing! Vanilla and Angel are my favourite. 

My bookshelf with books i have had forever. Virginia Andrews has claimed the entire top row. 
The rest of my books are packed away in boxes. Sad.

The thing i love the MOST in the study is my lifelong soul mate. My Macbook. Ok, so it lives by my side and not just in the study but i use it a lot in there. Loving my Beauty and the Beast background :)

Another thing i am loving is my bedroom. Its HUGE! This house is amazing and we are devastated as they are selling. I really hope no one buys it! Im loving black at the moment and its the theme of our house. My new bedspread arrived the other day and I got some gorgeous cushions from Target.

Check out the size of my ensuite! I feel like a princess in that bath!!! 

Someone bring me some champagne!!

My perfume collection always makes me happy. 
Every. Single. Morning.
What do i choose? 

My jewellery 'essentials' that i wear every day, with every outfit, no matter what.
My essentials include my wedding rings, my pandora bangle, earrings and my silver pink heart ring.

I get a little thrill every time i open my jewellery cabinet! 

I love the fact that i have kids bedrooms. I have always wanted to be a mother and became one at 20. I have a boys room AND a girls room! To see these every day makes me the happiest person alive! I have the best, most sweetest kids. 
Look at Zeppelin's little plant in a (Jim Beam) glass that he is waiting to sprout! So cute! His previous bean plant went so well and he is super proud and eats the beans as soon as they appear! He has also lovingly placed his Minecraft character so he can see out of the window every day. We are not allowed to close the blinds all the way, we have to leave a little gap for little Minecraft Steve.

Im always super happy when i see all the lovely, pretty things in Jasmine's room. I just LOVE all things pretty and girly!!

So there you have it! Things in my home that make me happy and grateful for everything that i have. 

What do you have in your home that makes you happy? Let me know!!

Rikkiliane xxx

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